UnicLine S with lighted spittoon

UnicLine S

A functional, beautiful and simple Nordic design.

Our aim with UnicLine S has been to create a beautiful, functional dental treatment unit with a Nordic design and in solid materials, such as aluminium and glass, which at the same time generates a comfortable and relaxed framework for both the patient and the dentist.

Lighting has also been an extremely important element in our work on the UnicLine S dental treatment center, e.g. the dentist and dental assistant are able to see the active instrument from the corner of their eyes and thereby they are able to stay focused on the patient’s mouth without having to look round.

Thomas Steen Nielsen, Heka Dental

UnicLine S is an extraordinary dental chair in every aspect.

NEW - Turnable spittoon
NEW - Turnable spittoon

NEW – Turnable spitton for UnicLine S

We can now deliver UnicLine S with a turnable spitton.

The spittoon can be installed as an option when ordering a new unit and can be retrofitted to existing units.

As an option, both spittoon and glass plate can now be delivered with adjustable light effect in different colors. The spittoon can be set for automatic shift to green when rinse is ready.

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