Heka S+ Pillar

Designed in Denmark
Carefully developed for you

The elegant Heka S+ Pillar is a space-saving pillar unit in the wellknown UnicLine S design, a beautiful, functional and Nordic design of high quality.

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With a Pillar unit, the ergonomic telescopic arm is placed with the suction on the chair or, on the wall behind the chair and fully achieves the same flexibility and excellent ergonomics that is characteristic of all UnicLine models.

Heka S+ Pillar requires very little space and is therefore very suitable for smaller practice rooms

Every Heka dental care unit is individually manufactured to suit you and your team’s unique preferences and requirements.

This gives you optimal opportunity for simple and ergonomic work, where the Heka S+ Pillar guides you through treatments – both automatically and individually

The Heka S+ Pillar also takes up less space, giving you more choice and freedom to design your practice as you want it – and at the same time allowing more dental care units in fewer square metres for your business.

Like all Heka Dental’s other products, Heka S+ Pillar is manufactured in Denmark.

Delivery system

The delivery system is of the same design and quality as known from Heka S+.

Below the glass surface the display and touch keys are integrated – they are only visible when relevant to the situation-specific function – creating a simple expression and avoiding eye strain.


Balanced suspension

The balanceed suspension is a key element in supporting an ergonomic workflow. Each instrument is individually calibrated, where the spring accurately neutralises the weight of the instrument at the patient’s mouth – without pulling back.

This helps the Heka S+ Pillar to carry the instrument without impeding your freedom of movement. As a result, you can work with high precision, with minimal strain on your wrist and forearm

Balanced unit instruments reduce fatigue and increase the precision of work.

Heka One Connect

With Heka One Connect, you can set and customise your Heka S+ Pillar dental care unit to suit your working day – and it is also easy to extract data if you need an overview of treatment information.

A typical problem is that too much information on the display quickly becomes unmanageable and therefore requires time longer to focus on it. With Heka One Connect, we have therefore made it possible for you to choose which information is displayed in any given situation, so that you can get an overview at a glance. We believe that it should be easy to select the information that should be visible in selective view.

A clever feature is that with selected spray water on the turbine or the motor instrument, both automatic and mechanical blowing can be selected – so you will not need air from the syringe instrument to dry or remove liquid from the area.

Heka ID

Heka ID offers completely new flexible options

We always have you and your requirements in mind. When we develop our products with a Heka ID card, you can maintain the workflow you are used to without having to think about it. If your practice has several rooms with several dentists, or if many different treatments are carried out, a Heka ID card is a smart solution.

We have placed the contactless point in the middle of the delivery tray, making it easy to use for you and your assistant. You can have several different treatments on Heka ID cards, so it is easy to change the settings to a specific treatment.


Instrument arm

At Heka Dental, we consider the arm for the instrument table to be a very important part of the units. On all dental units from Heka Dental, the arms for the instrument table are very long, and they are constructed of the best materials and equipped with oversized ball bearings in all joints.

This means you can position the instrument table so that you can always work ergonomically correctly. This also means that the movements in the arm are very easy and comfortable.

For Heka S+ Pillar, this also means that the unit will be very flexible (ambidextrous), so that many dentists can work on the same unit. Both right- and left-handed dentists can easily work in optimal ergonomic positions.

In addition, the suction on the Heka S+ Pillar is mounted on the chair as standard and can be turned both to the right and to the left. It is also possible to install the suction behind the unit in 12 o’clock position.

Heka S+ Pillar will be the perfect unit for those who want a right-left hand unit (ambidextrous equipment), and it is regardless of whether you work with 2 or 4 hands in the treatment situation.

The unit can be transformed from being a right-hand unit to a left-hand unit in a few seconds, and at the same time have a firm and stable construction and installation that will last for many years.


The telescopic arm with the suction can easily be adjusted to work 180 degrees around the patient to avoid twisting the upper body when reaching for the suction.

The telescopic arm can be adjusted from two to four-handed treatment or from right- to left-handed dentist in seconds.

The suction comes as standard with two selective suctions and adjustable hand pieces or with hygienic, autoclavable aluminium hand pieces for surgery.

The holder is available in an open or closed version.

The telescopic arm is mounted on the chair base, under the patient.

Prioritising top hygiene

Heka S+ Pillar is designed to be as hygienic and clean as possible.

 Tempered glass surface

It includes well thought out details such as the use of the hardened glass surface on the dashboard which, due to the hard, smooth surface, is particularly effective in cleaning and disinfecting.

The integrated touch display ensures that there are no buttons or switches, which can collect dust and dirt. The display can, of course, be locked during cleaning and automatically unlocks after 2 minutes, so the unit is ready again before the next patient.


Natural contact points

Natural contact points, such as handles and instrument covers, can easily be removed for cleaning and autoclaving. This also includes the handles for the operating lamp. Please refer to the equipment list for additional equipment that optimizes the hygiene of a Heka S+ Pillar.

Options and equipment

Instrument flush

The instrument flush is connected on the suction hose via an adapter.

Automatic suction cleaning:

With the automatic suction cleaning, a nozzle is activated at the end of the suction hoses, which continuously cleans the suction system with chemicals or just clean water and helps to keep the entire suction system clean and efficient.

It is possible to activate flushing with chemicals or only water while working with a patient. This ensures effective removal of all impurities without the hose drying out, to prevent the impurities solidifying on the inside of the hose. Regular flushing with active chemicals between patients or in the evening can ensure that colony forming units, germs and bacteria in the suction system are reduced.

Cup holder and instrument hanger for tray

It is possible to mount both cup holder and instrument bracket and combine them as desired.

External 2L water bottle

In addition to connecting to the public water supply, the Heka S+ Pillar can be equipped with a system of independent water supply via a 2L bottle. This system can also be used to flush the unit’s hoses with cleaning fluid.



We take responsibility – ensuring the best care for you

We always have a team of specialists available to solve problems.

At Heka Dental and our dedicated partners, we know how important it is to your practice that you have the highest uptime at your treatment facilities. Which is why we never compromise on the choice of materials when we build your dental care unit, and we are proven to be among the best on the market with regards to longevity and reliability.

In the event of a problem, we always have a network of technicians available, who can visit your practice to ensure you are up and running in no time and create value for your business. With local spare parts warehouses in Europe and overseas markets, we can always deliver quickly.


Heka S+ Pillar brochure:

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