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Designing and manufacturing dental care units is in our DNA. We are specialists in dental care units – it’s what we do and we’re proud of it. And it’s humbling to recognise the vital role our equipment plays in your practice every day.

We strive to create security and comfort for you, your team and your patients. This is all reflected in our design, where the clinical aspect is more muted by creating a stylish piece of furniture. This is evident in the design of the Heka G+ with its clean lines and glass surfaces featuring an integrated display.

Heka G+ – designed for your needs

Every Heka dental care unit is individually manufactured to suit you and your team’s unique preferences and requirements. This gives you optimal opportunity for simple and ergonomic work, where the Heka G+ guides you through treatments – both automatically and individually.

The Heka G+ also takes up less space, giving you more choice and freedom to design your practice as you want it – and at the same time allowing more dental care units in fewer square metres for your business.

Job satisfaction every day – for generations.

From one generation to the next – It makes us proud when we see that the choice of Heka equipment continues from one generation to the next. This is possible because we are constantly updating your dental care unit and introducing new options and instruments. This ensures you get the latest developments, the best features and the highest standard, as well as an updated dental care unit that will last for many years. Our products are characterised by a long service life, which also supports our efforts to reduce the environmental impact.


We love our work and go all the way to give you the perfect product. We’ve spent time on every detail of Heka G+ because we know you’ll want to enjoy it for many years to come. For example, the delivery tray and the top of the console is CNC machined from an entire piece of aluminium and then mounted with a glass plate. This provides the most hygienic surface available while also integrating the display and keys. This is more expensive and difficult, but we believe it is essential for the overall experience.

Everything is where it should be – and everything makes sense

Some choose to combine the dental care unit and patient’s chair into one locked unit. The disadvantage with this, however, is that you are then unable to freely design your practice and position the dental care unit and patient’s chair individually in relation to each other.

With the Heka G+ the dental care unit and patient’s chair are not locked together. You have full freedom, which allows you to create the exact workspace that meets your needs – without having to compromise. We are sure that you and your team will appreciate the freedom the Heka G+ offers in your daily work, with a 180-degree workspace around the patient.

When designing your treatment room, it is easy to place the Heka G+ that the patient can sit straight down without having to go around the dental care unit first. A small detail with great significance.


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