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The Right Mood

Imagine that you are sitting alone and looking out over the sea. Your thoughts float away, and you experience an inner calm that spreads through your body.

It is exactly this mood that we have tried to create. UnicLine S gives the patient the chance to relax, while the dentist and assistant work calmly and effectively.

A functional, beautiful and simple Nordic design.

Our aim with UnicLine S has been to create a beautifully functional Nordic design in solid materials, such as aluminium and glass, which at the same time generates a comfortable and relaxed framework for both the patient and the dentist.

Lighting has also been an extremely important element in our work on UnicLine S, e.g. the dentist and dental assistant are able to see the active instrument from the corner of their eyes and thereby they are able to stay focused on the patient’s mouth without having to look round.

Using the correct light is what we call lighting ergonomics.

Thomas Steen Nielsen, Heka Dental

NEW - Turnable spitton
NEW - Turnable spitton

NEW – Turnable spitton for UnicLine S

We can now deliver UnicLine S with a turnable spitton.

The spittoon can be installed as an option when ordering a new dental treatment ceneter and can be retrofitted to existing dental treatment centers.

As an option, both spittoon and glass plate can now be delivered with adjustable light effect in different colors. The spittoon can be set for automatic shift to green when rinse is ready.

Contact your authorized Heka Dental dealer for more information.

Console top and delivery table
Console top and delivery table

Console top and delivery table

It is the smallest of details that define a good or bad design, and we have paid great attention to every single detail in UnicLine S because we believe that our customers should be happy with the product for many years to come.

An example would be the delivery table and the console top; they are CNCprocessed in a single sheet of aluminium onto which we mount a sheet of glass – in order to create the most hygienic surface possible.

We have also concealed the display and touch keys under this sheet of glass.

It is more expensive. It is also more difficult, but we believe that is absolutely necessary to complete the overall quality.

Minimalist delivery table
Minimalist delivery table

Minimalist delivery table

On UnicLine S we have deliberately hidden away all that does not need to be visible.

The delivery table is effectively minimalist without any superfluous technoparaphernalia or unnecessary gadgets.

This gives you the sense that UnicLine S is a piece of furniture rather than just a piece of equipment.

The sleek and narrow design of the delivery table is a prerequisite for achieving optimum ergonomic working positions around the patient. UnicLine S – Quintessentially Simple.


Arm made from anodized aluminium

The UnicLine S’ arm hides the cables, water and air lines behind its light, but hard wearing surface of anodized aluminium.

The big joints move with precision in every direction, despite the various strains they come under from the delivery table, monitor, x-ray unit and light.

The result is an arm with optimal balance.