Heka Dental releases 3D-files for new version of UnicLine AeroSuction.

Under the slogan ”Together, we can help each other”, Heka Dental has released updated 3D drawings of our new UnicLine AeroSuction device, which has been designed to minimize aerosols in connection with dental treatment in the practice.

Based on feedback from dentists who have used the UnicLine AeroSuction we have improved the design.

The new version has an “eye” for a disposable elastic or gauze that holds AeroSuction better in place during treatment. It is now also available for both the large and small suction.

The download will contain the 3D files for AeroSuction for the small and large suction for Heka Dental units as well as other brands.

As you have already registered to receive the 3D print files you can download the new updated version directly by entering your e-mail address:

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Not registered yet? Please visit www.heka-dental.com/unicline_aerosuction for registration.

UnicLine AeroSuction simply connects to the existing suction hose on the dental unit, and creates suction around the patient’s mouth, aiming to minimize aerosols that arise during treatment*.

UnicLine Aerosuction has a perforated inner circle that, through connection to the clinic’s own suction, creates a vacuum in the area around the patient’s mouth. This reduces the aerosol.

Heka Dental wishes to contribute to the safest possible treatment of patients in the current situation and have therefore decided to release the design to everyone in order to make UnicLine AeroSuction widely available as fast as possible.

In order for the most people to gain advantage from it, UnicLine AeroSuction is available both in a version specifically tailored to Heka Dental’s UnicLine and UNIC dental units, and in a generic version that should fit most other brands on the market.

UnicLine AeroSuction can be easily printed via a 3D printer and connected to the clinic’s normal patient suction, either directly or via a suction hose splitter and an extra suction hose.

* UnicLine AeroSuction is not in itself approved as a protective agent and does not replace the need for face masks / visors and other recommended protective equipment. We also point out that there is no evidence that UnicLine AeroSuction prevents or reduces the spread of infection. The product has not been subjected to clinical tests or studies.