Unic by Heka Dental - Ergonomic, balanced instrument

UNIC ergonomic koncept

Each item from UNIC Concept reaches conclusions based on functional analyses. You can read about the items’ functionality and associated user benefits for dentists and assistants.

These benefits could have a significant impact on your work and your workday.

The dental treatment center is placed in a central position between the dentist and assistant and is thus easy for both to use.

The foot control is the key to controlling the dental treatment center’s instruments. It interacts on the one hand with your working methods and on the other with your sensorimotor system.

Unit arm
Unit arm

UNIC’s unit arm has two impressive ergonomic benefits:

Double-Articulated Joint
This grants an exceptional range of movement, giving the dentist a wide range of possibilities when it comes to finding a place for the instrument tray.

Double Needle Bearings
All moving joints in the unit arm are equipped with double needle bearings. This helps the instrument bridge glide along smoothly and comfortably.

Furthermore, UNIC’s needle bearings are disproportionately sized, ensuring that the unit arm will continue moving with the same ease
for many years to come.

Balanced Instruments
Balanced Instruments

Narrow and elegant central delivery system with 5 instruments

Balanced dental treatment center instruments – even with side movements

The dental treatment center instruments are placed in such a way that those used most frequently by assistant are positioned closest to her.

The instruments are listed from left to right:

  • Multi-Function Syringe – Placed closest to the assistant.
  • Micro Motor – usually fitted with blue hand pieces.
  • Micro Motor – with a red high-speed contra angle .
  • Ultrasound Scaler
  • Intraoral Camera or Air Scaler or Polymerisation Lamp

Dental treatment center instruments are balanced so your hand does not need to bear the instrument’s weight or experience influence from external forces when you are performing precision work.

Balanced dental treatment center instruments reduce fatigue and increase your work’s precision.

The intelligent display
The intelligent display

The intelligent display

Display on the central delivery system

The idea behind this display is to provide the dentist with only those pieces of information that are necessary for the task at hand.

As a result, the display changes depending on the type of work the dentist is doing.

This makes it easier for the dentist to operate the display, decreasing to next to nothing the risk of making mistakes during treatment.

Most dentists find ‘The Intelligent Display’ extremely impressive

Ergonomics for the assistant.
Ergonomics for the assistant.

UNIC includes the advancement of ergonomics for the assistant.

This is why we have ensured that UnicLine S can adapt to its varied and complex tasks – easily and smoothly.

The assistant’s arm is designed with a telescopic arm that can be adjusted from two to fourhanded treatment
or from right to left-handed dentist in seconds. This flexibility also means that the suction can always be
placed optimally for the assistant to avoid twisting the upper body when reaching for the suction.

It is possible to mount the telescopic arm either on the console or on the patient chair.

UNIC is available with e.g. camera, syringe and/or curing light on the telescopic arm. Besides suction, there are two instrument positions available. This provides optimum possibilities for involving the assistant in the treatment.

Ergonomic foot control
Ergonomic foot control

The unique patented round foot control can be activated from all directions with either right or left foot releasing you from any fixed working posture.

The foot control regulates the speed and the intensity of the chosen instrument.

UNIC gives you a choice of three different foot controls – the round, the round variable and the Universal
foot control.

The round foot control can be used from all angles so dentists can always work in an ergonomically correct working position.

All foot controls are available in wireless versions.

Ergonomic Patient's chair
Ergonomic Patient's chair

Heka Dental’s patient chair offers a number of benefits to the dentist:

The backrest is narrow at the top, so that both the dentist and assistant can get close to the patient’s head, and sit ergonomically correct. In addition, the backrest is thin so there is plenty of space for the legs.

Individual placement of up to three joysticks enables the dentist and the assistant to maintain ideal working postures.

When the chair back is horizontal, the highest position setting is 90 cm, so even very tall dentists can work while comfortably seated without having to bend down to see details.