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Equipment and options

The instrument table’s handle is fully integrated with UNIC’s display and touch pads. It is easy to find by both eye and hand – even when your attention is elsewhere.

With a light touch on the cuspidor touch pad, the suction stops, the operating light goes off and the patient’s chair adjusts to the rinsing position.

Meanwhile the glass fills with water. By touching the cuspidor touch pad again, the patient’s chair returns to its previous working position.

The UNIC’s arm hides the cables, water and air lines behind its light, but hard wearing surface of anodized aluminium. The big joints move with precision in every direction, despite the
various strains they come under from the instrument table, monitor, x-ray unit and light.

The result is an arm with optimal balance.


Dental treatment center
Dental treatment center

One of the most important goals we had for the dental treatment centre, which you see here, is that it should be humanized. Or at least more humanized than previously. It is a concept that can be seen reflected in the sweeping,organic shapes, the curved surface, the s-shaped top and the stylish furnishings of the unit.

We have tried to eliminate the rigid, clinical look as much as possible.

Instrument table
Instrument table

The starting point for creating a successful functional design is to listen to the people who will use the product. All the people who will come into contact with UNIC – patients, dentists, dental technicians and service engineers – have assessed more than 2,000 major and minor details.

We have modified UNIC’s design according to the input we have received from them.

Then we have asked our testers to assess the unit again. We have been through this process again and again because we know it is the small details that count.

Balanced Instruments
Balanced Instruments

Narrow and elegant

Balanced unit instruments
– even with side movements

The dental treatment center instruments are placed in such a way that those used most frequently by assistant are positioned closest to her (see the section on four-handed dentistry).

The instruments are listed from left to right:

  • Multi-Function Syringe – Placed closest to the assistant.
  • Micromotor – usually fitted with blue handpieces.
  • Micromotor – with a red high-speed contra angle (or may be turbine).
  • Ultrasound Scaler.
  • Intraoral Camera or Airscaler or Polymerisation Lamp.

Dental treatment center instruments are balanced so your hand does not need to bear the instrument’s weight or experience influence from external forces when you are performing precision work.

Balanced dental treatment center instruments reduce fatigue and increase your work’s precision.

The Intelligent Display
The Intelligent Display

Display on the instrument bridge

The idea behind this display is to provide the dentist with only those pieces of information that are necessary for the task at hand.

As a result, the display changes depending on the type of work the dentist is doing.

This makes it easier for the dentist to operate the display, decreasing to next to nothing the risk of making mistakes during treatment.

Most dentists find ‘The Intelligent Display’ extremely impressive

Foot control
Foot control

3 variants and optional wireless operation

The unique patented round foot control can be activated from all directions with either right or left foot releasing you from any fixed working posture.

The foot control regulates the speed and the intensity of the chosen instrument. UnicLine S can also be delivered with a conventional, variable foot control.

All foot controls are available with wireless operation.