Unic by Heka Dental - Design/conception by David Lewis

Designed by David Lewis

Art is not appearing to be, but being

The internationally renowned designer, David Lewis, who has worked together with Heka Dental since 2003, is recognized for always adopting an open-minded starting point in each individual project and not being ruled by an inflexible design philosophy.

This fundamental approach to creating beautiful, functional designs has, among other reasons, made David Lewis world-famous for his striking designs for Bang & Olufsen, Vestfrost, Elica og Scholtès etc.

Dental Treatment Center
Dental Treatment Center

One of the most important goals we had for the dental treatment center, which you see here, is that it should be humanized. Or at least more humanized than previously. It is a concept that can be seen reflected in the sweeping,organic shapes, the curved surface, the s-shaped top and the stylish furnishings of the dental treatment center.

We have tried to eliminate the rigid, clinical look as much as possible.

Instrument table
Instrument table

The starting point for creating a successful functional design is to listen to the people who will use the product. All the people who will come into contact with UNIC – patients, dentists, dental technicians and service engineers – have assessed more than 2,000 major and minor details.

We have modified UNIC’s design according to the input we have received from them.

Then we have asked our testers to assess the dental treatment center again. We have been through this process again and again because we know it is the small details that count.