We take responsibility – ensuring the best care for you

We always have a team of specialists available to solve problems.

At Heka Dental and our dedicated partners, we know how important it is to your practice that you have the highest uptime at your treatment facilities. Which is why we never compromise on the choice of materials when we build your dental care unit and we are proven to be among the best on the market with regards to longevity and reliability.

In the event of a problem, we always have a network of technicians available, who can visit your practice to ensure you are up and running in no time and create value for your business. With local spare parts warehouses in Europe and overseas markets, we can always deliver quickly.

We are thinking about the next generations

  • Heka Dental helps minimise our environmental impact, as this is reduced thanks to the long service life of our products.
  • We use aluminium that has a life cycle that only very few metals can match, and we also use recyclable aluminium.
  • We work continuously with our suppliers to reduce energy requirements in our production process by finding better alternatives for transport, and in our development and design particularly, we work with solutions to ensure that our products can be reused to a greater extent.

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