Heka S+ Delivery tray

The narrow design of the delivery tray is one of the most important prerequisites for achieving the most ergonomic working positions around the patient without unnecessary lifting of the elbow and shoulders.

The balance suspension is a key element in supporting an ergonomic workflow. Each instrument is individually calibrated, where the spring accurately neutralises the weight of the instrument at the patient’s mouth – without pulling back.

This helps the Heka S+ to carry the instrument without impeding your freedom of movement. As a result, you can work with high precision, with minimal strain on your wrist and forearm.

The feedback we receive is that our products create an ergonomically practical solution because our dental care unit can easily be adapted and supports your many different working positions throughout a busy working day – and often without your having to think about it.

With the Heka S+, it is easy to document your work, which benefits you and reassures the patient regarding their treatment.

The Heka S+ can be supplied with several different models of intraoral camera that can be connected to the treatment room’s PC, and the image can be displayed on a 22” screen on the dental care unit. Alternatively, it is also possible to mount an iPad/tablet holder on the delivery tray for displaying e.g., X-rays.

To ensure an easy and fast multimedia solution, both the camera and monitor are connected to your existing solution in the practice, and you are not locked into an all-in-one system without the freedom to choose the best for your practice. This means less investment, and you have the same system in all treatment rooms, regardless of the type of dental care unit.

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Our advanced motor control makes it possible to control all parameters such as torque, direction of rotation, speed of rotation as well as chip blow, spray selection, sterile water flow and functions such as Auto Reverse and Auto Forward.

To make it easy and precise to achieve the desired speed, you can set min / max in the working range for which you wish to adjust the speed within via the foot control. In this way you can ensure that you e.g., will not exceed the maximum rate of ongoing treatment.

Via the touch display and keys on the dashboard you can change or adjust the current settings



The Heka S+ arm set has full movement all the way around, allowing you to choose how to position the delivery tray and which way the table should move from the right or left side.

All movable joints in the dental care unit arm are equipped with double needle bearings. This ensures that it is very easy and comfortable to move around on the delivery tray. In addition, the needle bearings in the Heka S+ are oversized to ensure that, right from the start, the movement is maintained throughout the Heka S+’s lifetime and at the same time functions with millimetre-fine accuracy in any position, even with the varying loads from the tray, monitor, X-ray and light.

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