Heka S+ hygiene

Prioritising top hygiene

We have designed the Heka S+ with a focus on enabling you and your team to meet the highest infection control standards using individual manual and automated processes that can subsequently document whether they have been completed satisfactorily. In terms of hygiene, this creates peace of mind for your entire team and your patients, while avoiding unnecessary time wasting.

All surfaces of the Heka S+ are smooth and we have used tempered glass on the delivery tray and
console top, which is the most hygienic surface available.

The display and touch keys can of course be made inactive during cleaning, which adds security and makes it easier to keep surfaces clean.

The aluminium handles, instrument cover and spittoon bowl can be easily removed for cleaning, and with several sets of these, you can easily switch between patient treatments.

The Heka S+ can be supplied with automatic instrument water flushing. This ensures that the water system, tubes and instruments are flushed through and ready for the next patient – quickly and easily.

The delivery tray’s display shows the status of the process and this can be documented via Heka One Connect.

By briefly pressing the C key, the automatic suction cleaning process begins, in which the individual suction hose is flushed through with cleaning fluid by vacuum, so you are quickly ready for a new patient.

The display on the delivery tray indicates whether the process has been completed correctly. At the same time you have the option of documenting the process via Heka One Connect.

Similarly, when treating the patient, you have the option of adding clean water or cleaning fluid, e.g., to avoid blood coagulation and blocked hoses.

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