Heka One Connect

On the Heka S+, we have situated all the instrument information centrally on the delivery tray so that both you and your assistant can easily get an overview of the settings. The screen display can be operated by touch and we have made sure that the necessary functions can be changed via the foot control to minimise touching the delivery tray.

The display view with situational view, shown here with the low-speed instrument – micromotor.

A typical problem is that too much information on the display quickly becomes unmanageable and therefore requires longer to focus on it. With Heka One Connect, we have therefore made it possible for you to choose which information is displayed in any given situation, so that you can get an overview at a glance. We believe that it should be easy to select the information that should be visible in selective view

With Heka One Connect, you can set and customise your Heka S+ dental care unit to suit your working day – and it is also easy to extract data if you need an overview of treatment information.
A clever feature is that with selected spray water on the turbine or the motor instrument, both automatic and mechanical blowing can be selected – so you will not need air from the syringe instrument to dry or remove liquid from the area.

Via Heka One Connect, the intensity of the light can easily be pre-set under the individual user, for example, you can set to automatic reduction of intensity by using the light polymerization lamp, switching off when the patient chair is in motion and the whole system is prepared for future lights with CAN bus.

With the Heka S+, it is easy to document your work, which benefits you and reassures the patient regarding their treatment.

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