Heka G+ options

Your Heka G + unit is one of your most important work tools and it is therefore important that you have the opportunity to choose the options you need in your particular treatment situation.

Below we have compiled an overview of many possible options and options on the Heka G +.


Sterile water system Detachable instrument hoses Heka ID-kort Tablet holder Multimedia screen

X-ray support

Instrument flush  Automatic flushing system Water bottle system
1 or 2 l.
Automatic suction system cleaning Ergo suction  Assistant arm mounted on patient chair
Ambient light Heka design arm Standard arm USB power out Quick coupling for water and air Schuko power outlet external (220V)
Up to 3 joysticksDouble articulating neck rest Double articulating neck rest Open neck support Armrest Foot control hangerFold-down footrest

Heka S+ Black Edition with black glass surface

Without spitton Fixed spitton Revolving spittoon


If there is an option you do not find, we are happy to listen and check whether it can be a solution that both you and your colleagues can benefit from.

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Foot controls
Foot controls

Foot controls

The foot controls is available in three different models:

  • Ergonomic round (cable or wireless)
  • Round with variable slider (cable or wireless)
  • Universal (cable or wireless)
Delivery tray
Delivery tray


The range of possible instruments is long, and can be put together differently depending on whether you choose a tray for five or six instruments and of course your preferences in relation to instrument brand.

Types of instruments on tray


  • Multiflex, fibre optic outlet
  • Option for variable turbine control


  • Bien Air MX2 with or without iOptima control 100-40.000 rpm/min. (up to 2 pcs.)
  • Bien Air, MCX, 1000-40.000 rpm/min. (up to 3 pcs.)
  • Bien Air MX-I 100-40.000rpm/min autoventilated, for implantology and surgery


  • Unic, 3:1
  • Luzzani 3:1
  • Luzzani 6:1 with heating
  • Luzzani, 7:1 with heating and light


  • Newtron med eller uden LED lys
  • W&H med LED lys
  • EMS ”No Pain” med eller uden LED lys
  • NSK Varios med eller uden LED lys
  • EMS Airflow: indbygningsversion

Curing lights

  • UNIC (Bluedent Express)
  • Starlight Sler (with button or foot control activation)
  • Acteon MiniLED (with button or foot control activation)

Intraoral cameras

  • Satelec Sopro 617 or 717
  • Dürr VistaCam iX HD

It is possible to supply instrument hoses with quick couplings for the Heka G+

Instruments on assistant unit
Instruments on assistant unit

Instruments on assistant unit

On the telescopic arm, it is possible to select one instrument in addition to large and small suction:

  • UNIC 3:1
  • Luzzani 3:1
  • Curing light with button activation
  • Possibily of mounting assistant arm on patient chair
Multimedia and X-ray
Multimedia and X-ray

Multimedia and X-ray


  • 22” monitor mounted on lamp pipe with flexible arm
  • iPad/tablet holder (on delivery tray)
  • iPod holder (on delivery tray)



  • X-Mind x-ray D/C: UNIC-version
Operation lamps and room light:
Operation lamps and room light:

Treatment light

  • Faro Maia LED operation lamp 35.000 Lux, 5000K with standard arm
  • Faro Alya LED operation lamp 50.000 Lux, 5000K with sensor, with standard arm
  • Faro Alya operation lamp 50.000 Lux, 5000K with Heka Design arm
  • FARO Alya LED with Heka Design arm and built-in THEIATECH
  • Faro Sidèrea LED room light
Water- and water treatment
Water- and water treatment

Water- and water treatment

  • Water decontamination with or without air gap
  • Internal water bottle – 1 litre
  • External water bottle – 2 litre
  • Automatic instrument flush
  • Sterile water pump
  • Automatic suction cleaning system




  • Dürr spittoon valve
  • Metasys spittoon valve
  • Dürr Combi Separator amalgam separation
  • Metasys Amalgam separation
  • Metasys separator for air and water


  • Integrated-, revolving- or no cuspidor
  • Multi-colour LED in console and spittoon bowl
  • Water heater for cup fill
  • Water heater for cup fill and instruments
  • Quick coupling for suction
  • Quick coupling for water and air
  • 230V Schuko power socket
  • X-ray support
  • USB-socket
    Ergo suction stop
Instrument trays
Instrument trays

Instrument trays

The large tray for hand instruments can hold 3 standard cassettes and is located within reach.

Patient chair and accessories
Patient chair and accessories

Unicline patient chair

  • Two electric motors
  • Lifting capacity tested up to 220 kgs (with floor mounting)
  • High lifts for standing treatment
  • Horizontal position available
  • Double-articulated head rest
  • One joystick (up to 3 joysticks possible)
  • Large headrest with hole
  • Armrest – right and/or left, revolving
  • Footrest, foldable
  • Hanger for foot control



  • Comfort Shape upholstery(standard)
  • Comfort Memory upholstery
  • 14 standard colors and the option of special colors