Heka S+ treatment light

Et perfekt working light

A perfect working light is one of the prerequisites for giving the patient the benefit of your professional knowledge with regard to their treatment. The Heka G+ comes with a specially designed LED operation light, which provides a perfect mix of light intensity, colour temperature and the size of the light field.

The light head is fitted with two mirrors that ensure a shadow-free working area. The light arm has a length that makes it easy to light up from behind the patient’s head and illuminate the lower jaw.

Via Heka One Connect, the intensity of the light can easily be pre-set under the individual user. For example, you can set to automatic reduction of intensity by using the light polymerization lamp, switching off when the patient chair is in motion and the whole system is prepared for lights with CAN bus.

The operation light is available in different types depending on your needs and can also be supplied ceiling mounted, making the Heka G+ a very light clutter free design. If you have a light that you prefer, it is of course possible to install it on your new Heka G+.

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