Heka G+ ergonomics

Overview of the ergonomics of the Heka G +

Delivery tray

The narrow design of the delivery tray is one of the most important prerequisites for achieving the most ergonomic working positions around the patient without unnecessary lifting of the elbow and shoulders.

The distance from the instruments to the table can be easily adjusted to match your exactly height, and the individual instrument holders can be angled to always provide a perfect grip on the instrument – both when it is taken and put back.
The long instrument hoses give you the best opportunities to work ergonomically correct.

The large tray for hand instruments can hold 3 Strindberg (standard) cassettes and positioned to ensure that everything is within reach.


Light ergonokics

We all know the daily situation where you want to maintain focus on the patient’s mouth, but you are forced to look elsewhere to check the instrument’s settings – most often to see simple information about the instrument spray. The Heka G+ projects the spray pre-selection onto the patient’s napkin, allowing you to skim the setting in the peripheral field of view. This considerably reduces strain on the neck and eyes.

Assistant unit

The physical shape and size of the assistant unit is the most important factor in placing the element in a position where you sit ergonomically and avoid twisting your back. The smaller the better.

A large assistant unit will always restrict you from being able to position it correctly in relation to the treatment and your body. We have therefore worked to make the assistant unit very small and flexible, so that it provides the best positioning in all treatment situations, both sitting and standing, without straining your body during treatment.

In situations where you need to stop the large suction unit, we have placed a footswitch that stops it with light pressure without you having to place the suction unit in the assistant element. A solution that eliminates unnecessary twisting of your back during treatment.


Foot control

The wireless foot control enables multifunctional, hands-free operation of the most important functions throughout the treatment process. We have developed three different types, each with their own options for adapting your way of working, while ensuring that switching between several different types of dental care units will not present any challenges, providing flexibility in choosing a specific treatment room during a busy working day.

A clever feature of the round foot control is that it can be used from all angles, so that you are ensured the most ergonomic working position that suits you without having to move the foot control during treatment.

Patient chair

You have ideal working conditions, whether you are sitting or standing, which is important because you can feel when you have the right position for both your body and your work. At the same time, the thin and narrow back allows you to adopt the best position close to the patient during treatment.

We create ergonomic solutions

The feedback we receive is that our products create an ergonomically practical solution because our dental care unit can easily be adapted and supports your many different working positions throughout a busy working day – and often without your having to think about it.

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