Faro Dental light

A new dimension of light on dental treatments

Heka Dental is Faro’s exclusive distributor in Scandinavia through our local partners.

FARO is a historic Italian brand for lighting in the dental sector. FARO stands for high Italian quality, creativity and innovation. They provide products and “lighting systems” to improve the “light experience” because light is not only seen, but above all life and well-being.

Faro is an enthusiastic company serving demanding and visionary customers.

FARO provides cutting-edge technologies that are considered industry benchmarks, and works enthusiastically to go beyond the boundaries of research to enable the next generation of professional lighting.

Heka is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Faro dental lights in Scandinavia.
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Faro light systems have been designed to offer an optimal scialytic effect, the highest colour rendering (CRI) and light intensity with specific colour temperatures to easily adjust.

The patented design is the perfect synthesis between aesthetics and functionality and with the EVA, and MAIA lamps, a new reference for LED technology and for the future of professional lighting has been set.

Faro EVA Tuneable WhiteGOOD VISION
Visual fatigue is caused by repeated contraction and dilation of the iris performed by the ciliary muscle to modify the crystalline lens structure and enable the focus. Therefore, light distribution within the operating field must allow the dentist’s eye to adapt to different levels of illumination with the minimum effort.
Even visual apparatus overload is harmful to eye health. It can result into tearing, dry eye, a foreign body feeling, eye discomfort and pain, or even blurred or double vision.

The continual exposure to an incorrect source of light can cause concentration issues, orbital and temple headaches, eye redness and other direct or related diseases.

Conversely, good quality and flexibility of vision is a fundamental prerequisite for your own well-being.

Visit faro.it for more information and specifications.

View the Faro Dental Lights we offer below:

EVA Dental LED Light
EVA Dental LED Light

EVA Tuneable White Dental Lamp

EVA marks a new age of technology by offering the highest standard of visual comfort and lighting experience to the medical team and the patient.

EVA recreates the ideal vision for a perfect balance of colour and depth.

You can recognize every little detail of biological tissues, outlines and surfaces in an elliptical spot that is specific for the oral cavity.

Bright bulb
The bright bulb on the lamp head immediately shows the level of illuminance and colour temperature.

The patented, unique, reflected-light optical design ensures a well-defined light spot, preventing glare for patients.

Colour temperatur
Select the ideal color temperature for dental practice: 5700K, 5000K, 4000K, and 2700K Composave function.

Visit faro.it for more information and specifications on EVA.

Faro EVA CAM dental lamp

EVA CAM Tunable White Dental LED Light
EVA CAM Tunable White Dental LED Light

EVA CAM Dental Lamp with integrated camera

EVA CAM is the operating lamp with integrated professional camera available in the TUNABLE WHITE version.

Ideal for real time pics and videos to share and compare live and remotely. The zoom is specific for dental practice to ensure direct and precise framing. The foot control allows no interruptive procedure to keep the attention on the operating field.

EVA CAM is the best partner for constant and effective communication with the patient, colleagues and students and it enables a comprehensive and accurate record for diagnosis, treatment and traceability.

– Easy and intuitive native software for Windows, Mac and Android.
– Access and share photo and video via email on any device without editing
– Foot pedal with cable and wireless (optional)

Technical specifications
– Resolution FHD – 4K
– Video format MP4
– Photo format JPG
– Standard lens: 25mm
– Optional lens: 16mm

All-in focus or manual focus
– Stable focus with a wide field
– Precise focus on the point of interest
– No need to seek for the focus compared to the autofocus

Visit faro.it for more information and specifications on EVA CAM.

EA CAM Dental Lamp

MAIA Dental LED Light
MAIA Dental LED Light

MAIA Dental LED Lamp

Maia is the ideal choice for all dentists searching for a professional LED lamp, a reliable solution, long lasting and with high-level lighting performance at a competitive price.

High definition of the spotlight
The accurate definition of the MAIA dental lamp luminous spot eliminates the risk of glare, safeguarding the eyes of patients and medical team.

The FARO reflective light exclusive patented optical project avoids direct exposure to the two LED sources used. The 258 small reflecting facets of each reflector guarantee a completely uniform lighted field of 170 x 95 mm.

Progressive adjustment
The electronic lighting control can be activated by joystick, sensor or dental unit. It adjusts the light from maximum to minimum continuous intensity, while maintaining constant colour temperature.

Automatic saving
Automatic saving of the light intensity used, after shutting off the dental unit and after the rinse function.

Scialytic effect
Minimum dimensions of the actual shadow required by legislation: Ø 12mm. The scialytic effect of the MAIA dental lamp generates an ellipse of only 9 x 6 mm.

Rotation 2-D / 3-D (Optional)
Perfect balancing of the 2D system rotating on the two axis of the head.

As an option, there is a 3D system rotating on a third axis that makes it possible to achieve better positioning of the light beam.

Visit faro.it for more information and specifications on MAIA.

Faro Maia Dental Lamp

SIDÉREA Ceiling Light
SIDÉREA Ceiling Light

SIDÉREA Ceiling Light

Always on the lookout for the PERFECT LIGHT for the best dental surgery lighting, FARO presents a new goal and benchmark in the room LED light field: SIDÈREA SUNLIGHT, the first ceiling light that is able to reproduce the same quality of natural sun light*.

Direct and indirect lighting
Multi-directional light to achieve an illumination that is always homogeneous and proportional to the environment, avoiding both shadow areas as well as a “cave” effect.

Custom Illumination
Adjustable light intensity based on the surgery conditions and the operating time thanks to:

Remote control: 5 light scenarios pre-configured by FARO and also rewritable by the user.
SIDÈREA App: light scenarios that can be regulated via mobile phone, free of charge and compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

Two colour temperatures
6500 K of direct illumination and 4000 K of indirect illumination, in order to create the most suitable environment.

Visit faro.it for more information and specifications on SIDÈREA .

Faro Sideréa ceiling light