Heka Dental Treatment Centers

This is the first dental treatment center, which is born with integrated LED touch displays in the elegant, hygienic surface of tempered glass. The sleek and narrow design of the delivery tray is a prerequisite for achieving optimum ergonomic working positions around the patient without unnecessary lifting of the elbow and shoulders. The balanced instruments are a central element in the support of working ergonomically correct. Each instrument is individually balanced with a spring, which neutralizes the weight of the instrument at the patient’s mouth – without reverse pulling.

The advantages of this dental chair are plenty: • Ergonomic products • Modern Nordic design • High quality • Aluminum og glass • Integrated displays • LED multicolour light • Easy installation • Faster cleaning • improved ergonomics • Light ergonomics • Continuously variable, thin and compact suction arm • Made in Denmark and much more.


The clinical look of a regular dental unit has been virtually eliminated. With its sweeping, organic shapes, the curved surface, the s-shaped top and the stylish furnishings this is a dental unit with an exceptional design, which focuses on human beings. ‘The intelligent Display’ changes depending on the type of work the dentist is doing. With a light touch on the cuspidor touch pad, the suction stops, the operating light goes off and the patient’s chair adjusts to the rinsing position. Meanwhile the glass fills with water. By touching the cuspidor touch pad again, the patient’s chair returns to its previous working position.

Advantages of this dental chair: • Ergonomic for both patient, dentist and assistant • Beautiful, timeless design fits any practice • Arm with optimal balance • The big joints move with precision • Available with continental or traditional delivery system • Intelligent Display • High quality • Aluminum og polished, stainless steel • The instrument table’s handle is fully integrated and much more.

This dental treatment unit is rightly a classic in dentistry units. Since its launch in 1994, it has enjoyed tremendous popularity in practices across Europe, and is constantly updated to be technologically at par with most dental chairs in the market today. 1st generation units are still in operation at many clinics. The dental treatment center is built in cast aluminum and can be supplied with continental or traditional instruments and in column and cart models. The multifunction display creates a quick overview of the current setting. It can be instantly converted to right or left-handed dental treatment and can be optimally adapted, whether you work solo or with an assistant.

Advantages of this dental equipment: • Swivel fountain provides maximum space comfort • Comes with 3 to 6 instruments • Classic, elegant, functional and timeless design • Flexible telescopic suction arm • Multi-information display • Finger Touch Keyboard with auxiliary functions • Individually manufactured according to your wishes • Reliable and durable.