Privacy statement

Privacy statement

Heka Dental will use your information with the purpose of responding to an inquiry, provide you with information you request or to provide you with product information we believe may have your interest. We may also use your details to provide technical information, product update information and similar.

In some cases we will transfer your contact information to one of our authorized dealers, e.g. to provide them the possibility to follow up on a sales- or technical inquiry.

We will not use your information for any other purposes, and will not sell, rent or otherwise make your information available to any third parties, except to Heka authorized dealers as described above.


What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are stored in your web folder for storing files. They record what websites the visitor’s computer, smartphone or tablet previously visited.

These cookies can have many different purposes and can for example be used to identify and keep statistics about the visitors to a website. Cookies are a necessity on websites or web shops, which makes use of a cart or login function.

How cookies are used on Heka Dental websites

Heka-Dental makes use of cookies by Google Analytics. The primary purpose of these cookies is through statistics to improve the visited website and provide our visitors with a better experience, and to document the number of visitors to the company website.

If you want to opt out of cookies used to collect statistics, it can be done thorugh the following Link:

Storage time of cookies

Cookies are saved for 30 days and then deleted automatically on your computer. However, please note that if the site is visited again within 30 days, then the period will be renewed.

Personal information

We collect no personal information. We will only look at the behavioral patterns of visitors.

This information is anonymous and can not be used to identify you personally.

Questions regarding the use of cookies?

If you have questions related to the use of cookies on this website, please feel free to contact Heka Dental, e-mail: [email protected]